Behaviour Support

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NDIS Support Coordination Perth

At Davidson Disability Care, we understand that challenging behaviours can significantly impact quality of life for people with disability. Our behaviour support services utilise evidence-based Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) frameworks to reduce restrictive practices and empower participants to reach their goals.

Our PBS services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment to understand triggers and functions of behaviours
  • Developing person-centred behaviour support plans with the participant, family and carers
  • Building capacity through skill development in communication, self-regulation and interaction
  • Modifying environments to minimise behavioural triggers
  • Training carers and support workers in effective strategies
  • Reporting use of restrictive practices to meet NDIS requirements
  • Working collaboratively to phase out restrictive practices safely


We take a respectful, compassionate approach to behaviour support. Our experienced team aims to replace challenging behaviours with positive skills and connections. By addressing behaviours holistically, we can improve wellbeing and independence.

To discuss our behaviour support services, contact our friendly team today. We’re here to help you or your loved one live life to the fullest.