Short-Term Accommodation (STA)

Support Services

When experiencing major life changes, transitions or health setbacks, having access to specialised, temporary residential support can make a crucial difference in maintaining wellbeing and working toward goals.

At Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services, our Short-Term Accommodation (STA) provides person-centered, 24/7 care in welcoming, fully-accessible facilities.

STA gives you the opportunity to focus on developing skills and adjusting to new realities, with the temporary added support needed from our skilled staff. It can provide targeted assistance when:

  • Recovering post-hospital or rehab
  • Respite is needed for regular caregivers to take a break
  • Bridging support between normal arrangements
  • Trying out Specialist Disability Accommodation
  • Navigating major life changes or intensified needs


With customised care tailored to your situation, STA enables you to maintain health, safety and progress while working through challenges. Contact Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services to learn more about our STA services.