Assisted Travel / Transport

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Disability Travel and Transport Assistance

Staying active and participating in your community is vital for health, wellbeing and independence. However, getting to appointments, running errands, and taking part in activities outside the home can be challenging for many people with disabilities. At Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services, our Assisted Travel and Transport services provide individualized support that makes it easier to access the community.

At Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services, we understand the importance of remaining active and connected in your community.

Our caring staff can assist you with:

  • Transport to and from social activities, events, religious services, etc.
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments, shopping centres, and other destinations
  • Mobility assistance such as pushing wheelchairs, offering a steady arm for walking, guiding visually impaired individuals, etc.
  • Support boarding and exiting vehicles
  • Luggage assistance, door-to-door service
  • Developing public transit skills if desired


With Assisted Travel and Transport, we aim to make it easier for you to stay engaged in your community and access destinations independently. Our support workers provide courteous, dignified assistance tailored to your accessibility needs.

Contact Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services to learn more about our person-centred Assisted Travel and Transport services.