Group/Centre Based Activities

Support Services

Participating in meaningful, engaging activities and building social connections are vital parts of health, growth and well-being. At Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services, our Group/Centre-Based Activities provide opportunities to pursue interests, develop skills, and interact with others in a positive, inclusive setting.

At our welcoming community centres, we offer daily programming tailored to support diverse needs and goals. With a flexible mix of options throughout the day, each person can shape an individualized schedule that suits their preferences. Activities focus on creativity, life skills development, physical activity, community participation, and more. Our caring staff provide just the right level of involvement needed by each individual.

Key features of our Group and Centre Based Activities include:

  • Arts, crafts, music, dance, culture
  • Games, sports, recreational activities
  • Excursions into the community
  • Social interaction with peers
  • Life skills learning and training
  • Customized support and inclusion


Contact Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services to learn more about our Group and Centre Based Activities designed to foster skills, empowerment, joy and belonging.