Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA)

Support Services

When you are experiencing major life transitions and changes in support needs, having a supportive living environment for an extended period can provide stability while you adjust and move forward. At Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services, our Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) offers personalized 24/7 care and housing for months at a time during prolonged periods of intensified needs.

MTA gives you time and space to adapt to changing realities with the backup of specialized disability support in fully furnished adapted housing. It can provide a medium-term bridge when you are:

  • Transitioning to more suitable long-term housing
  • Recovering from significant medical procedures
  • Adjusting care needs due to declining health
  • Facing modified support requirements because of changed life circumstances


With compassionate around-the-clock assistance tailored to your needs, our MTA enables you to focus on daily living, function and skills while working through an extended phase of heightened needs.

Contact Davidson Disability Care and Accommodation Services to learn more about our MTA services.